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Linking to own blog through comments

  1. I'm trying to figure out how to make my name a link back to my blog when I post a comment on someone else's blog. Any help? Thanks.

  2. It should work on; I see your name as a link to your blog. Note that different blogs will do this differently and some don't facilitate the links at all. If they're non-Wordpress blogs they might or might not have the option to put in a URL for the link.

  3. Dashboard -> Users -> Your profile -> Fill out the slot labeled Your Website. It's a URL so be sure to include the http:// bit

    Hope this helps,

    edit: The forum profile is seperate from the profile so it may be working here and not elsewhere within Can yopu point to a place where it didn't work?

  4. in your dashboard, go to "edit profile", and add put your blog's address in the Website: field on the right hand side.

    it won't be retroactive, though, it only works for new comments.

  5. ...and i even refreshed the page to make sure someone else hadn't beat me to it. doh!

  6. He's a moderator: he can change time itself.

  7. Hey, thanks a lot ppl!

    I figured it had something to do with the website field so I filled it in. I didn't fill in the website field in my profile previously. I thought it'd be retroactive, so that's why I posted the question.

    All's well now! Thanks again.

  8. Nah, it's only from that point on. The URL gets saved within that blog's database at the time the post is made.

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