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    is there a way to link to just part of a page? I’m trying to point people to legal statutes about bicycles, and any given page contains a lot of legal particulars. The title of the link has the numbers for them to find, but I wonder if there’s a way to highlight just part of another web page.
    The only way I thought would be to copy and paste the info, make a pdf of it, and add that to my media library, then link to that.
    Any other ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi nerskine,

    You can sometimes link to parts of a page, depending on how it’s been put together. For example, I can link to the “History” part of this Wikipedia article:

    See the # in that link? That points to the History part of the page.

    Can you give me the page and section you’d like to link to? I can have a look to see if it’s put together in such a way as to facilitate this type of linking.



    this is a project my husband is working on, and he thought it would be great to just link to the specific # of statute, rather than the whole page, since he’s helping put in live links on a long list of bicycle regulations.

    maybe your suggestion will work if he just adds #4 or whatever…?




    I had a look, and there’s no way of linking to individual parts of the statute, the page wasn’t put together in such a way as to allow you to do that, sorry.

    If you have any others, I can take a look as well, but if they’re from the same site, I doubt that we’ll have any better luck.

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