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    Would be cool as heck if we could link to the numeric stats (showing how many hits each post is getting on a given day) from the blog page (e.g. as a side bar widget)

    I’m still evolving, are you?





    Sheesh! You must sure get a lot of visitors {she said wistfully}. I can’t imagine getting so many that you want to place a bragging widget in your sidebar where everyone can read it. Well, what can I say? It must be nice … so how about this? I’ll support your idea provided you send some traffic my way {just joking}. Go for it! ;)


    I think it would encourage people who pass thru to actually stop and click on the blog posts that are getting many hits.. Sort of like how digg works …



    That’s what the Top Posts widget is for. It doesn’t quantify how many each post is getting, but it’s very dynamic as long as your top posts change each day. Try that.

    Unfortunately, what happens is that unless there’s some particular reason for churn in your Top Post listings, they stay the same. More people click on the top one than click on the second, and so on down the line, so it basically results in a stabilizing influence on your top posts. They just do not change until something massive happens from out of the blue. That’s why I don’t generally use it; I put it up when I’m expecting a lot of people who’ve never been before, but otherwise I take it down.



    I’m wondering if this would suffice. Would adding a number behind each title displayed by the Top Posts widget do “it” for you? If so then we could ask that it be activated only as an option the way we do with the categories widget. That might make almost “everyone” happy. What do you think, trends?


    Yes, adding a number to each post in Top Posts widget would be good, especially as an option.

    People may start clicking on the bottom post if the bottom post shows 2,000 hits, hypothetically speaking :-)

    It quantifies public interest per each post rather than show the relative scale of interest for all posts. Having numbers may help normalize the traffic curve …



    I’m skeptical of that. My bottom “Top Post” may have 3000 posts, but how compelling is that compared to probably 10000 for the top Top Post?

    One thing I did try for awhile was making my own list. I forget what I called it…”raincoaster’s best” or something, and I put in posts I thought were really cool but which hadn’t been popular for whatever reason. It did boost their readership, but none of them went viral.


    Quantities are perceived on different scales by different people.

    Would I pick up a $50 on the street? Probably yes. Would I pick up $1 on the street? Probably no. It has nothing to do with how much you have (in traffic or money) It’s how much value you attach to it.

    A post with over 3,000 hits for any given day would most likely get my attention, regardless of the gap in traffic between it and the posts higher on the list, but as you noted not everyone value things objectively.




    But what if they all had higher than 3000? My point is that it’s a relative scale, and people are always drawn to the higher ranking. All of my top posts will likely have numbers over 3000, so how would you choose which to view? Probably from the top down.



    @trends and rain
    So where’s the succinct statement of what it is that you are proposing? Would adding a number behind each title displayed by the Top Posts widget do “it” for you?


    I’m a quantitatively objective clicker. I’d click on anything that has over 2,000 hits/day regardless of the title.


    thief: from my perspective, number of total and daily hits next to the post would be great to have as an option in the Top Posts widget.




    trends, you’d never have time for a life of your own if you could see each WordPress post with more than 2k hits. But as you will.


    In that case, I’ll only read blogs posts with 2000 daily hits or more that are about candy.






    Give me 48 hours. Seriously.



    We’ll be checking your blog in 48 hours, all 2000 of us.

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