Can I link to sell stuff?

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    I am converting my intellectual property–lectures, workbooks, poster kits–into ebooks. I would then link to my web sites product page –
    You told me at one point this was okay.

    My current strategy is to make something available on my blog free and then after a set time move it to my web page to be sold. I currently have my book When Good Kids Do Bad Things available for free, but hope to shift that to the web page and put up a poster coach soon.

    I also want to sell my ebooks through Smashwords. Would that be considered affiliate marketing. It seems to me to be like Amazon and I think you allow links to Amazon. Am I correct on that?

    Fiinally, I do think it would be in keeping with the over all mission of to allow shopping carts for those small fish entrepreneurs who are interesting in selling what they alone create. I can’t at this point afford a to go the .org path. Understand the dilemmas, but a girl can dream.

    Staying strong and thank you for all you do.

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    You’re welcome to casually sell things and use affiliate links, but you must maintain a more personal blog. You can’t turn your blog into a storefront.



    Thank you Max, is a side widget saying free stuff and a suggested link to my own product page considered a store front–I suspect not, but like to be clear, I would cry for a year if deleted.



    That should be fine. There are a few such stores that violate our terms of service, but you’ll know for sure if the link is automatically redirected to one of our terms of service pages.

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