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    I have linked my photos to picassa but i notice that for others to see these photos they have to have a google account. does anybody know if this also applies to smugmug?
    and presumably it is possible to link one’s photos to smugmug? one is not restricted to flickr or picassa?

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s optional. One need not to have a google account to view photos on picasa untill assigned by photo owner. And same applies to smugmug. This forums is for blogs and related discussions. For other sites, please contac their support.



    Sorry for typos and not answering last question. I think you can link to smugmug. But it would be better to hear “this statement” by staff. I’ve tagged this thread for staff attention.



    I use smugmug videos and photos in my blog. Unless you have it locked down on a smugmug island or password protected or disable hotlinking / easy share in your smugmug gallery settings, you should have no problem on smugmug’s end. Now, getting VIDEOS from smugmug to work exactly like you want in a blog takes a little finesse !


    Thanks foggyphils – i am very new to this game and as WordPress is not very good with images and layout of such, i figured i needed to link to an external photo source. Not in to videos yet but hey, might ask for more help from you if i get there!

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