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Linking to videos...

  1. Hi!

    I have tried all my ideas to solve this, unsuccessfully.

    I have a page with small sized videos (page1), and I need that when I click on one of those small videos, a new page will be open (page2), where the same video is shown, but in a large size.

    I have just created that new page and have hiperlinked the [ http//:youtube.... ] to go there but when I click on the small videos what happens is that the small video starts playing right there. You are NOT taken to the 2nd page.

    I really need help, please!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Dont' insert tiny videos. Insert a thumbnail jpg of the video instead. Link THAT to the second page.

  3. Thanks!! I thought about that, but in that case I need to do around 30 jpg thumbnails...

    In the other case, I only needed to insert the Youtube link to each video. That´s much more practical.

    Really, I can´t believe that it can´t be done like I want to do it...

  4. I also tried this, because I thought that it could be a trick.

    For example, this video...

    Usually each Youtube video has 3 jpg images associated, which are displayed as a miniature when the video has stopped playing. So I tried or

    And I thought it would work exactly like the idea you suggest, but it didn´t. I only got a blank small rectangle where the video should be.

    Is that idea about the 1, 2 or 3.jpg correct?


  5. Make your own JPGs. There is image capture software that will take a pic of a YouTube for you.

  6. Thanks. But it´s hard to understand how there´s no other way to do it, like a workaround using the hiperlinks to the videos...

  7. Just type in TEXT then and link it to the videos. Easy.

  8. But in that case, instead of image thumbnails I will have text. That´s not the idea... :-)))

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