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Linking uploaded file to a selected text in post

  1. Hi,

    I don't know why this doesn't work anymore..
    I uploaded a file. Then i tried to retrieve its link so I can add the link
    to a text in my post. but seems that something has changed..
    First, I see the file uploaded in "Files" entry in the menu. But with no link.
    Second, selecting a text and clicking Add/Edit link makes the screen go dark,
    and nothing happens..
    Please help!!!



    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot help without a link to your blog, starting with http, and the filename as well, URL for it if you have that, too.

  3. Ok..

    Here it is:
    the Blog:

    the page with the links to files:

    the uploaded file:

    I found a workaround though..
    I uploaded the file, navigated to it, copy-pasted the URL,
    and added it in the HTML editor to the text by using the "link" button. (since the visual editor didn't respond).
    but I would appreciate a reference to the directions for doing right the whole process..



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