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Linking video from other, "non-approved" sources

  1. Is WordPress ever going to increase the number of sites supported for Video Embedding? Some of the most interesting content is not hosted at the list of "winners." AOL On for example, has great videos, and no way for them to be included in a WP blog.

    There are others and I have no intention of producing an exhaustive list. Any one of a dozen European news sites.

    I get that they don't like the way java Script works. But someone needs to develop a better way of handling flash videos than just saying Sorry Charlie, you aren't on our approved list.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Any video that provides a flash embed code can be embedded if you convert the code into a gigya shortcode. For example (AOL On video), you copy this part of the code only:

    <embed name='FiveminPlayer' src='' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' width='560' height='345' allowfullscreen='true' allowScriptAccess='always' wmode='opaque'>

    and turn it to this:
    [gigya src="" width="560" height="345" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" wmode="opaque" ]
    Width and height can be changed (proportionately).

  3. Thanks for that. Is this documented anywhere in the help? "Videos" in help talks about specific sources (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) or uploading you own videos if you have purchased the upgrade. I can't find anything on linking to generic flashplayer sites.

  4. Excuse me for barging in but I do know the answer to the question. No this workaround is not detailed in support docs.

  5. OK, so there is a way of doing things - embedding video in this cast - that are NOT covered in the support doc reached via the "get help" link at the top of any page.

    Why is that?

    If there is a known way of getting the video embeds to work, why isn't it in the support docs? Shouldn't it be in the support docs? (Hint - it isn't easy to find in the forums!)

  6. You have the answer with regard to the workaround posted above
    No Staff do not include gigya shortcode work-arounds in support documentation.

  7. @zendodeb: This workaround is practically my own invention. WP doesn't like it when we invent things that sidestep "official" limitations, so WP doesn't endorse this workaround, on the pretext that it might not work in the future.
    See here:

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