Linking when moving from to standalone WP installation

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    I am going to be working with a user to move her blog over to a standalone WordPress app. Is it possible to set up a redirect on her old posts to forward visitors to the new location of the same posts?

    I’ve seen this:

    But it (or the questions it links to) doesn’t answer the forwarding/linking question.

    If it’s not possible to set up forwarding, how do you recommend we go about forwarding her traffic? Any ideas/suggestions appreciated.


    There is this, , but it requires the paid domain mapping upgrade and I know quite a few people who have had problems getting it to work properly.

    What I did was keep the blog here and then put up a last post letting people know I had moved, and then deleting the other posts (after transferring them to the new blog). It took a couple months for my hits on the old blog to go to virtually nothing and then I set the old blog to private.



    Thanks! It appears that in that case the posts would still live on, though. Maybe I just don’t understand, but if I have to change my name servers away from the host, how will people be able to access the blog on the new host’s servers through the personal domain??


    No, they would not have to. With standard domain mapping yes, but the link I provided gives a work around to redirect people from the wordpress.COM URL to your new self-hosted blog using the domain mapping upgrade.

    As I said though I’ve had people who could not get it to work properly.

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