Linking within blog is not working.

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    After a recent wordpress update my links with in my site are not working. When I set up links to other posts within my site it appears to link up fine until I hit save draft or update. It then disappears as a link. I have never had a problem with link ups before. What should I do/

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there, you’ve posted your question in the support forums for sites hosted by WordPressdotcom. It appears that the above site is not hosted here on WordPressdotcom but at hostgator.

    Help for self-hosted sites using the standalone WP software can be found over at and at If you don’t have a username on the ORG forums, you can register one on that page.

    Standalone WP and WordPressdotcom are separate entities; more information about the differences can be found here:

    Best wishes from me.

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