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    How do I post links to websites in my post. Usually I just type the address and the link will automatically appear so someone can just click and go but I just type in the URL and it remains greyed out in my post?



    It’s pretty simple. From what I know, WP doesn’t do automatic links (like you describe in your post). All you do is type the text you want to link (ex: click here). Then you select the text and click the link button in the toolbar above the compose window (it looks like a chain). You then enter the URL in the box, click ok, and you’re done. Note: You can also specify whether the link should open in a new window or not, and the title (hover text) for the link.

    I hope this helps,



    If you think about it, it’s a kind of safety. It allows us, as bloggers, to talk about other websites without giving them a link from us unless we wanted to. For instance, we could blog about some site that we don’t like without inadvertantly linking to them and helping out their site standings or PageRank.



    Automatic links are available with a plugin in WordPress and some free services have this as well. (ie for advertising purposes)



    I have read a few other posts and noticed a some other users were having the same problem I am having. I am using a Mac version 10.3.9. Does this new bit of information change your answer? Thanks



    Not really unless you have a program on your end that auto inserts links as you type. Of course I only see that over here as virii….



    I’m having the same problem as moneytrolley. There is no link buttom on my browser. I’m using Safari on Mac OS X. I’ll go try a PC and see if that’s any different. Any suggestions?



    Safari doesn’t work with WYSIWYG. You need to be using another browser. If you do a search for Safari, this has come up a few times before.



    I’d rather say WYSIWYG ‘Rich Text Editor’ does work with only two browsers in the whole zoo. namely: MSIE and Gecko family, though it claims it partialy works with Safari 2.0 (412) [well, also with Opera since 9TP, but it’s not a release version]

    MSIE implements a proprietary Microsoft’s dHTML extension. Mozilla since version 1.3b features so called ‘Mozilla Rich Text Editing API’ (aka Midas).

    as we can see in both cases these are browser specific features. in this moment: “There is no public standard that applies to this property.

    admittedly, despite WebKit (the open source core of Apple’s Safari web browser) still has some not closed bugs in its ‘Rich Text Editing’ implementation, yet it really is one the best known standards compliant browser. it worth to mention the fact it’s the first one who’s passed ‘Acid2 Browser Test‘.

    spoke (Main developer of TinyMCE): “Safari is a minority browser of only 2-3% of the market it’s support will be placed on a lower priority than MSIE or Firefox.”

    <photomatt_lap> we target IE6+, FF 1.0 +, and safari

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