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    How do I create more categories for links…. i make them in the “creat more categories” section, but they still show up on my blog all under ‘links’
    like if i wanted to have ‘favorite blogs’ and ‘favorite sites’ and so on and so on, not all just called ‘links…’
    THANKS! also what is all that ‘before link,’ ‘after link’ html!?!?!



    Well, considering your blog doesn’t have any links on it, it’s kind of hard to see what you’re talking about but we’ll try. :)

    Your blog’s theme may override your settings and display all the links within one category. You may want to try changing themes. Please make sure that you are also assigning these links to the categories that you want. (We’ve had people miss that step.)

    And I do not understand what you mean by “before link” and “after link” html. Again, an example might be helpful.

    Hope this helps,

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