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  1. i activate the "links" widgets, where i put the social networks that i'm in, but i'd like tu use the page's logos instead of the name of the page, exemple: there is the facebook logo instead of just the name "facebook". i know how to put a image there, but they just fit one under another, i'd like to put them side by side, in a column of three icons. there's a way to do this. thank you a lot.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. srbudu,
    We really need to have a link to your blog so we can take a look, starting with

  3. Or link your nickname to your blog as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know.

  4. You can have the logos in a row if you remove the links from the links section and add the image codes in a text widget.

  5. Use a table in a text widget:

    <table style="text-align:center;" border="0" width="150">

    I'm not sure about the width, but you could just play around with the number.

  6. can you make one exemple for me, please? like three side by side and in another line more three. thanks a lot!

  7. ~panos
    again, I make things more complicated.
    Though you do get better control of the appearance with a table.

  8. oh god. where i put the link? and the image goes where? the image that i'll take its from web.

  9. @Tess: Items in a text widget normally flow the one after the other, so if the images are small enough (or downsized) they'll show up in a row without table coding.

    @srbudu: The model Tess gave you is for two lines of three items each. But we can only tell you exactly how to tailor things if you give us the links to the images you want, because much depends on their size. And it's safer to copy and upload the images in your own blog first.

  10. If you are using the table, copy my code into a draft post (HTML editor). Where it says DATA is where to put the pictures and or links. You can switch to visual editor to add your pictures/links. When you get them all added, go back to the HTML editor and copy all the code to your text widget.

    Or you could skip the table and just put your picture/links (adjusted to a small enough size, directly into the text widget.

    Do you know how to make an image link to a site?

  11. here is one of the image links that I'd like to put and I don't know how to make an image link to a site, it means that when I clik the image, I'll be redirected to the site that I've choosen not to the image link, right?

  12. and about the size, i'll try to use this, 40x40

  13. Yes, it means clicking the picture takes your readers to a website.

    A text link looks like this:

    Replace 'TEXT_HERE' with an image tag, which looks like this:
    <img src="URL_OF_IMAGE"/>

    Put them together and the image becomes the link:
    <img src="URL_OF_IMAGE"/>

    Hope this helps!

  14. Let's give it one more try, because Tess forgot to add backticks for proper display. The code model for a linking image is this:
    <a href="URL_OF_SITE_HERE"><img src="URL_OF_IMAGE_HERE"></a>

    If all the logos you want are as small as the example you gave, you need do no more than write their codes the one after the other in a text widget: they'll arrange themselves in groups of three.

  15. thank you so much, it works perfect and now I have some knolwdge to do it in other way. great.

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