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  1. I have 5 links on my blog, I am trying to add some more, unfortunately you can see the link on the dashboard but its not appearing on the actual site. I am at my wits end as to what to do as I want to add these links and its looking impossible. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Without a link to your blog, starting with http://, I am at my wits end too. If I cannot see the blog and the problem I cannot help you.

  3. I'm having the same problem but, Youre lucky because I don't have any links on my pages that I would like to add. I keep putting in the code but it just does'nt roll out in the original site.

  4. 5soltu,
    Without a link to your blog, starting with http://, I cannot see the blog and the problem I cannot help you.

  5. I'm having the same problem... can't post a link.


  6. Michael,
    Are you unable to add a link to the blogroll?
    Where does the problem occur?

  7. It occurs when I try to insert into a post - either manually or using the link icon.

  8. What exactly occurs and when/where in this process

  9. As soon as I go to either preview or post - the link isn't there. If I enter it in the html dialog window and switch to visual - it's not there either. It shows in the html edit window but that's it.

  10. I am trying to create an on-line portfolio and want to link samples of my work to the site. How do I link a word document? What do I put in the section that asks for an http address?

  11. mquacknc,
    Sounds like you should contact Support,

    Please don't hijack a thread with an unrelated question, but here's your answer

  12. I I would like some help me How to use hoplink clickbank
    I watch video support at LINK but I can't find out how
    to get link

  13. HI chin, here's how to do that:

  14. I show video
    they say
    This is an exxample post to show you how to usae clickbank hoplink
    I am promoting to cool new product in thid blogging industing
    If you are interesting checking out
    PLease Tell ME How I can't find OUT

  15. If you want to promoting to cool new product in thid blogging industing with clickbank, than is NOT the right place:

  16. I also added a link to my Links section in the Dashboard, but on one of my pages (Resource Library, which is formatted to be a 'link' template) only the Link Categories show up without the links that fall under each category.

  17. I just added some links to another Link Category, and they did show up... so now I am even more confused. Only the links under my Link Category entitled 'location guides & info' are not showing.

  18. I don't see any "Resource Library" page in the blog you linked to.

  19. ah ha!! apparently it didn't like the & symbol in my Link Category name.
    All is well and solved.
    Thanks anyways

  20. under 'the planning stage'
    sorry should've been more descriptive

  21. Good! And sorry, I posted the previous reply before seeing your second post.

  22. I have been self teaching myself for 8 months now with the help of advice and comments from the internet world. But for some reason I do not understand links and pingbacks. I have read and tried yet I'm not there yet. Is there someone out there that can explain to me in seniorcitizen talk, how to link my blog to my page??or link to my website or just tell me what I need to know about blog rolls. I am learning so I can help others though a non profit organization, but between school to learn management and internet to learn social networking I got lost along the way. Thanks for and advice.

  23. Hi there,

    A link is a "connection" between two websites that allows you to refer to somewhere else on the web.

    Ex.: Link to my blog

    A pingback is like a double way link: you link to a webpage and that webpage links back to you.

    Hope it helps

  24. The description on pingback's is wrong.

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