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  1. I'm trying to post a link to a file I uploaded to a blog post, but whenever I save my draft and check my progress, the link disappears (and occasionally, so does the text that comes after it). Can somebody please fix this problem?

  2. If the link is an advertisement, this is normal behavior and it cannot be modified. WordPress.COM blogs are not allowed to run advertising with very few exceptions. See this link for more:

    If you would like to have advertising on your site, the primary solution is to use wordpress.ORG software on a different host, then you can do what you like with the site.

  3. BTW, where did you upload the file? To your account? (I had somehow missed that it was a link to a file -- sorry!)

  4. I uploaded it to my account, and it is NOT an advertisement. It is just a picture.

  5. Are you posting the bare link or trying to have the image appear? I ask because I do see that you have successfully inserted other images into other posts.

  6. Posting the bare link.

  7. What is the actual link?

  8. I just wanted to know how to post the bare link. I don't really see what the URL has to do with all of it.

  9. @pokenirvash
    If you do not wish to provide an active link starting with http:// to the image in question, and it is being free hosted by WordPress.COM then please direct all your support request to Staff by using this link. >

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