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    Hi I am so new to this so please bear with me. I have made a list of links for my blogg but they don’t show I want to know 2 things
    1. how do I get it to show.
    2. How do I put it into categories so it is seperated how I want it to be



    You add in links at Dashboard -> Blogroll -> Add Links. They need to be assigned to categories so you have to select one when you create this link. You should have a category labeled ‘blogroll’ created for you when your blog was created to get you started.

    To create an additional category, visit Dashboard -> Manage -> Categories -> the bottom of the page.

    To get a category and it’s links to show up, you have to have a Post that uses the category. Best bet would be to either retag the “Hello World” post if you still have it or just write a new Post with the categories tagged and say “Hey, I added some new links. Please check them out!”.

    Hope this helps,

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