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    Hi, I cannot seem to get my links or category links to appear on my blog. I am having the same issue with getting images added – it keeps telling me to use widgets but it is not helping and I am totally stuck.The only thing I could think of is perhaps my Theme does not support these items. Thanks for your help!
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    Hello, you current don’t have any categories associated with your posts, that’s why your Categories widget only shows “Uncategorized”, which is the default category. You can find more information about categories and how to add them in this support article:

    The Image widget says “Please configure the Image widget in your widget settings.” because you are using the Image widget, not the Links widget. You can visit Appearance > Widgets, delete the Image widget and add the Links widget instead. That will display the list of links that you have added under the Links dashboard.


    Cool. Thank you, I will try that. So, how do I then post images, and if I can put images up on every page can I also embed a video? (Sorry to ask you so many questions but I thought I would ask them all at once!)

    Thanks in advance, Gregg



    This support article is a good starting point for learning how to add media to your blog:

    If you are looking specifically to add an Image widget, you can find more information about it here:

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