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Links and images not posting

  1. anomicotiosity

    Links and images are not showing up on recent posts, and when I attempt to delete these unfinished posts they remain up on the site/blog.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. michaelaventrella

    I have been having a similar problem, and it's just within the last week or so. They were working fine before.

    My page is here:

    Every day, I post a favorite editorial cartoon, and they used to show up on Facebook, too. However, instead of capturing the image from that day's post, instead it catches my header picture. How do I tell it to ignore that?

  3. anomicotiosity

    My situation appears to have remedied itself, perhaps only temporarily.
    Unfortunately, I'm completely clueless about such matters and hope they just take care of themselves.
    Thanks for the input, and good luck.

  4. Me too ...

    My latest post will not display the 680x385 (normal size) image in the post. (Instead, it displays the "alternate text").

    This is a 'timely' post, and it just doesn't work, without the image. (Can't figure out why, or what the hell is going on.)

    The post (currently set to "private") is:

    The blog I need help with is

  5. Whoa! Just checked my link here, and it's working! (Some of a b ... )

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