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    I have tried to decipher how to link to another site through searching the FAQ and entering in related Link questions in to the Forum search, however I am still in the dark. One of my posts was added recently to the Virginia Tech Website. I do not see an incoming link from their site to mine, as they did so with a comment to my post, Having Goals. I would like to have my site linked to their site. I do not want to alienate them by presumptiously linking to their site,with out their permission.

    My questions are: How can I link my site to their site and have their site be an incoming link? Secondly, does anyone have an opinion on linking to other peoples sites with out their permission?

    Please be as detailed as possible as I have a learning disability. Thank you.



    I am not clear on how you want this done exactly, but here are a couple options.

    1) You could put a link to them on your blogroll that you have already

    2) You could write a post talking about how they picked up one of your posts by using an internal post link (ping)

    This may (depending on their blog settings) create a trackback in their comments section which would create a link from them back to you. You can search ping and trackback in the faqs for more info. Hope this helps.


    Thank you for your time and kindness. I am new at this linking business. In my dashboard there are incoming links. I have placed Virginia Tech in my blogroll ryannjenn, however can I also have Virginia Tech showing up in my incoming links or is that something that Virginia Tech has to innitiate? What do you think would be the best way to go so that it can help my ranking with Google and bring the most amount of traffic to my site?



    I am probably the last person you should ask about increasing traffic and google ranking as I only do it for fun myself, but incoming links are just that…links that come in from other sites. They have to make a link on their site sending traffic to yours. You could ask them to add a link to your site from their post they used of theirs. Try blogging about them including your writings and include a link to their post. Any more than that is beyond me experience sorry.


    Thank you for your input ryannjenn. Have a great Friday. Craig



    I’m still trying to have a great Thursday :) You’re welcome.

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