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    I found the answer I was looking for in this forum thread:

    But I don’t think it is satisfactory. I am the web administrator of an organisation where several people are blogging. Some of these people have no HTML knowledge at all. I think it was great that you added the caption functionality for images. This was a real help, but then I also think you need to allow people to link from the caption, as well as italicise some of it.

    We have people blogging about art and blogging about biology. Names of artworks have to be italicised, and latin names of species too. We would also like to link these to our website. So it would really be awesome if this part of the caption could be “freed”.

    Is it part of your plans for the future?

    Thanks a lot,
    Florence Liger

    The blog I need help with is


    Please note that the answers in the forum are mostly by volunteers (i.e. fellow bloggers), not WP staff. The answer you’re linking to (which happens to be mine) was only suggested as a workaround, not as a dismissal of the problem. That limitation re the captions is definitely a shortcoming, and of course I agree with you that we should be able to format them the regular way instead of having to resort to such far-fetched solutions.



    Oh so sorry about that. I didn’t mean it as an attack, but sometimes, mornings take my sense of prose away… So it actually sounds unkind and I didn’t realize :/
    All my apologies.


    Oh no no – no apologies please! I didn’t feel it as an attack at all but as a very reasonable complaint/suggestion. And you did very well to post this in the Ideas section, which is precisely for suggestions to WP staff. I just wanted to clarify that my answer was not an “official” response to the problem, as we are not staff!



    It’s looking like someone is going to have to create a plugin for this to work. Frankly I’m surprised no one has yet done this. I have several clients who either want to credit the photo with a link and/or have the caption styled with indents and such.



    Hey…it looks like someone does have a plugin that will do this. I just found Textile2. It appears to just use it’s own form of markup language which will fool WordPress in a way. WP won’t strip out the stuff that’s needed in captions. I’m going to give this a shot as I’m building our historical society’s site and we need exactly what you described.


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    I don’t think you have a blog on If you do, then please give us a link, starting with:
    We can’t use plugins on wp.COM!!

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