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Links And Text And Widgets And Colours

  1. Hi. I don't know if I'm off topic with this: I finally learned how to put a link into text, so it doesn't look like a link with all the http stuff:) Yey. But I have to change from visual to html editor fro this. I found a link in this forum which says that it's possible to do this without changing to the html edito, but, when I click on the link for visual, the page is not found. So, IS it possible to do this <a href etc. somehow else in visual?

    I hope everyone is entirely confused now:)

    And since I'm on it, is it possible to change colour and the underline (to a different colour and no undeline), or has it to do with the template I use? I would want to disguise it more that a wird is actually a link, not having my text completely disentigrated by green underlined words. I have not much knowledge of html, but if there's a site which can explain it for me, I'm glad to learn for myself.

    Thanks a bunch.

  2. It actually works, thanks so much. The only thing, I can't change that the text is underlined, I try with the symbol for underline text, but it stays. Is that something I have to accept?:)

  3. I can change the colour though.

  4. Yes, I think the underlining is hardcoded and can't be changed except with the CSS editor. Not all themes have the underlining though, so if you really hate it, you could try switching.

  5. I really hate it, I'm a sucker for details:) I'll try, thanks a bunch.

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