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    I discovered an incoming link to my blog from this site: When I followed the link, I saw that they had linked to my most recent post on my blog and below the beginning of the post was written: Soul post by Aerolin for Soul Blast. I did not write that post for any other site but my own and was disturbed to see someone claiming otherwise. Since they’re linking to me, they don’t seem to be under copyright violation, but I still find it frustrating since the claim isn’t true. Help please?



    Publishing an excerpt only or brief quotation from your published work, correctly attributed to yourself as the author and with a link back to your blog is acceptable, without prior permission. In that case your blog will get the click through hits from those who want to read the entire article.

    Scraping the entire post and claiming it as theirs own work when it isn’t is an offense. And they are collecting the hits on their blog rather than you on yours.

    Responding to plagarism

    If you discover someone has stolen your content, you should act quickly to have it removed. Since copyright laws vary from place to place, it is always best to seek professional legal advice from a qualified lawyer before proceeding. Here are some steps to consider:

    1. Look for contact details on the offending site and send a polite message asking for the material to be removed. If there are no contact details available, try emailing webmaster@ the domain.

    2. Use a Whois service to find out the website owner’s name and telephone number and contact them directly. Enter the domain name in the search box and the contact information should appear towards the bottom of the page.

    3. Contact the web hosting company used by the site and inform them of their customer’s abuse. This information is also available through a Whois search.

    4. Send a formal ‘Cease and Desist’ letter notifying the offending party that they must remove the stolen content from their site. Some sample letters are available on the web.

    5. File a notice of Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) infringement with search engines such as Google and others to have the offending site removed from their search results.

    6. If you need proof of infringement, you can use the Internet Archive to show that the content appeared on your site at an earlier date than it appeared on the offending site.

    For some additional resources, click here.



    They took it down. Now your comment is the top one on the site!

    Aerolin: My post which is linked above was not posted FOR soul blast. I welcome you to visit my site and link to me…

    Good work!



    YAY! Way to go!



    I would like to read your blog, but your blog address is not listed on your profile. Don’t worry, I have no intentions of blog scraping. Your question and the responses were very informative. Thanks all!



    I just had the same thing happen to me, and I saw your #1-spot post Aerolin, so I followed your example.

    My only concern is in a Google search my post still linked to THEIR site and not to wordpress… have you had any luck yet correcting this?



    That’s a google issue. Lately all blogs have gotten a downgrade.

    The good thing is, it takes such a small portion of your post that people pretty much HAVE to click through to read what you say. That could be worse.



    Thanks, everyone. On my blog stats page, it still shows up as an incoming link. Any way to block unwanted links from other sites? Bitterexwives, my site is :)



    You cannot block incoming links. What you can do is delete the trackbacks, so you don’t give THEM a link.

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