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Links are not divided by category anymore, although they should!

  1. superbasketball

    On my blog, since a few hours, all links are now in the same list ("Links") although they should be (and were) divided into different categores as I have correctly assigned them to (and they still are, I have checked in the dashboard!). What is happening?!? Please have a look and let me know!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting.

  3. superbasketball

    Thank you timethief!

  4. You're welcome.

  5. I am having the same issue?? All my links are in one list Book Marks? instead of different Categories? Is this an issue with WordPress? i didn't do anything to my site to make the changes?/

  6. superbasketball

    Same for me, dwws03, I just viewed the statistics today and did not even post anything yet, so it must be something due to WP itself. My link are still showing the correct category allocation when I look at their definition in the dashboard...what about yours?

  7. Hi Superbasketball,

    I had my links in category's under a topic. Now they are all in alphabetical order in no specific Category, under a heading Book mark??? with no change by me. I just logged on my site and noticed the difference?? Must be something WordPress is working on. This is a first for me?? Hope they fix it soon, bit confused my site doesn't look the same. I went into the admin side of things and the categories I set up are still in place... lets wait and see what happens? Maybe someone from WordPress can let us know whats going on. Good Luck !

  8. Thanks for reporting this, I'm investigating and will keep you posted.

  9. Thanks for your help !!

  10. This happened to our blogsite also. Not sure when, perhaps only minutes ago. Everything is now listed under Bookmarks and the 8 link categories I created long ago are now ignored.

  11. befreiungskriege

    Yep - happened to me too!

  12. Sorry for the glitch, everyone. There's no need to add your site here since it's a issue, and we'll post updates here as we have them. Thanks for your patience.

  13. I am experiencing the same issue.

  14. OOPs so sorry I tried the search first but sent a request for help. I am having the same issue. Across at least two different themes. If I open to All Links, the categories are still intact and selected as they ought to be. The Titles for each category are also missing, or shifted to Bookmarks.

    Able to be more patient now, thanks!

  15. I fixed the problem by adding each divided links category back to the sidebar on the widgets menu. So you just keep adding one "link" after the other to restore the old categories.

  16. sogladimhere - glad you found a workaround. We are currently working on a system-wide fix so folks won't have to change things on their end. :-)

  17. vermilioncousins

    I have the same problem at Thanks for the attention

  18. This issue should now be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    If anyone still sees a problem after refreshing your site in the browser, please let me know.

  19. Thanks, everything is back to normal.... : )

  20. Great, thanks

  21. sociedadesecretaru

    I am grateful

  22. Thank you for speedy correction!

  23. Thank you for sorting that out.

  24. I found the solution for this problem. I did the same as sogladimhere:

    "I fixed the problem by adding each divided links category back to the sidebar on the widgets menu. So you just keep adding one "link" after the other to restore the old categories."

    So everything is back to normal.

  25. I found the solution for this problem.

    There should be no need for anyone to manually edit or change their links since the problem was fixed for everyone as of 6:30 pm ET. Refreshing your site in the browser by clicking the browser's refresh button/F5/command-R (on Mac) should restore your link categories.

  26. superbasketball

    I confirm, back to usual! Thanks kathrinwp!!!

  27. Glad to hear the links widget is working properly for everyone again.

    I'll close this thread now, but if any further issues crop up, don't hesitate to start a new one.

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