Links can open in a new window?

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    Links can open in a new window?

    I’m not talking about link in a post. I’m talking about the links that are added using the “add link” function from the blogroll menu. Is there a way that you can access the HTML of those links?

    Thanks in advance!



    Not as far as I know, alas. I suppose you could delete teh blogroll altogether and code it in by hand with a text widget designed to open every link in a new window. Word of warning: the Web Nazis say that’s against their (completely arbitrary) accessibility rules. I, personally, find it useful that way.



    You can set the target on the link entry form.

    Go to: Blogroll->Manage Blogroll->Edit (for whichever link you want to have open in a new window)

    On the right hand side of the screen, below Categories, there’s a box labeled Target. Click the radio button for _blank and Save Changes. Voila! Your link now opens a new window.

    The other ones are _top, which breaks you out of a frame (unnecessary here, since doesn’t use frames) and none, which is the default.



    Don’t forget that it’s considered bad form to force a reader’s browser to open a new window when clicking a link.

    You’ll also find that the “target” is a deprecated tag and will break W3 standards. If you care about that sort of thing… ;)



    Thanks all, especially judyb12!

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