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    Hi Everybody!

    today is my first day at wordpress. I tried all the others, but I’m really impressed with the easiness!
    I tried to add link categories, they appear in my manage links but when I view the website they are invisible.
    Yes, I did check the toggle visibility and they are set to be visible.
    the only way my links are visible is when i move them to the first category Links ( which is the only one visible, although it also does not want to be change to Useful Links instead of links) Any help would be appreciated for a new starter!




    Are your categories hierarchical? I found out that lower level categories will only appear if all their parents have at least one post in that category.



    I discovered that this happens only because the template i’m using the fauna beta. In this template they appear as link I can not change the title of the link or add a second category.



    Yeah I have the same thing happening on my site. My links are not visible on my imac but then I logged on a PC and I links and comments were visible. I have no idea why. Sometimes this techno stuff confounds me and I just accept that all computers etc have their own little quirks and personalities. Maybe I just dont have an enquiring mind.



    I have the same kind of problem! And I have a mac… Sound familiar?

    I added two links to my blogroll, no problem. I added a third and suddenly that is the only link visible when I view my website. The others have disappeared. And yes they are all toggled “visible”. So I added a fourth link. Yet only the third stays visible. Did it take over my other links??? Link from outer space trying to take over the web???

    Still not resolved…



    Oh and by the way, I refreshed the page several times, tried Firefox and Safari (latest versions of browsers), I work on a MacBook Pro and it all happened within one hour.



    Hey, I’m no longer in trouble. The answer in my case was so simple, you cannot imagine. I basically got this problem when adding labels to my links. I unchecked “Blogroll” with three of them as I thought that label is not very descriptive.

    Forgetting of course that there is also a functional reason for this label. It seems silly that one can “uncheck” it and therefor make the link invisible. We have the “invisible” checkbox for that, right? But still… Do never uncheck the label “blogroll” when labeling a blogroll!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who ever came up with the word “Blogroll” anyway? Did Blogger claim the word “link” or what?

    Anyway, you guys seem to have no problem when using other computers, so this discussion seems unsolved for you still. But maybe my contribution will help rookies like me.


    same problem here. i added 2 links i can’t see any of them. any ideas?



    Did you try the solution in the post right before yours?

    Edit: Make sure you put the “links” widget in your sidebar.


    i don’t understand the solution, where did brunosetola uncheck “blogroll”? i don’t see the word “label” on my blogroll page… (am i stupid or is this really complicated? :-( )



    problem solved. somehow i had no blogroll option in my categories





    thank you all

    i t was me being stupid after all… ;-)

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