Links Changing by Themselves?

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    I write up my posts in Word. The links are correct in Word, when I copy and paste into the Post, I go to check all my links, and some of the links change. It goes from a Traffic Swarm Link to a link. I didn’t make this. So why is this happening? I spent 2 hours redo it, many times, trying to redo the link in word, and trying to fix through the html part of the post, and same results.

    The blog I need help with is



    The reason this is happening is that in staff’s opinion, those links violate the terms of service here. Have you read the link?

    Also, for many, many reasons writing and pasting from Word is a terrible idea.

    I don’t see any posts at all on the blog linked to your name. Please give us the URL of the blog you’re talking about.


    is my site, but GRR this is frustrating. I dont get it. My site is a site of promotional tools to help others in advertising their website etc. 99% of my links are fine, but 2 wont work? What sense does that make? It’s nothing bad, just more promotional sites. I don’t fricking understand how wordpress allows 99% of them to work, and then 2 can’t?


    You have to ask staff. Volunteers in the forums cannot tell you, but the links that changed to the types of blogs link are on staff’s no-no list and I’m sure they have their reasons.

    Wait till the 3rd and discuss it with them via the help tab/contact link in your dashboard.




    Oh yeah, that blog is going to be an issue.





    Just what was said in that post if the blog should happen to be suspended.

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