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  1. Hello, i am using the Expound theme and i would like to know if there's a snippet to make the blue infinite handle that says "Entradas antiguas" at the bottom of the site be centered aligned just exactly aligned as the Blog de El tema Expound. links at the bottom of the site? thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello vlogazul,

    Please have a look at this...

    #infinite-handle {
            text-align: middle;
            padding-left: 315px;

    ...but if you really want to move it, I would actually recommend:

    #infinite-handle {
            text-align: middle;
  3. The first snippet works perfectly, thanks.

    Is there a snippet to change the text of that particular infinite handle "Entradas antiguas" to a text of my own?

  4. Pretty close. It does not look perfectly centered to me.

    #infinite-handle span button {
        visibility: hidden;
        font-size: 0;
    #infinite-handle span:after {
        content: "Text here";
        visibility: visible;

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