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links degrading

  1. hi all

    I have just created my first blog...

    It's a photo blog, but I'm finding that some of the photo links are degrading after a while (not finding the uploaded image on wordpress servers). They seem fine at first.

    Can this be resolved and prevented?

    thanks in advance

    steve deer

  2. Welcome to wordpress,

    I tagged this thread with m*dl**k to grab staffs attention for you

    Beginners Guide

    Also by linking your name to your blog it will serve the purposes…
    If you need to ask a support question in the forum then it will make it easier for the volunteers to see what blogging platform your using & will aide them in giving you a more accurate answer to your question.

  3. We need specific links to the posts you're talking about. We will need to see an example.

  4. here's one that's problematic at the moment...

    it looked fine the other day


  5. I see the pictures just fine. Has it cleared up for you yet? All your pictures come up just fine for me.

    Sometimes there's a temporary server issue and some pictures go down for a few minutes. I wonder if that is what happened?

  6. teck07...

    thanks... have now linked my name to my blog


    no, the image (link in my previous post) is still missing... however, when i click on the blue square with question mark (I'm on a Mac) it takes me to a page with the image


  7. in fact... now I'm getting a 'file not found' page when i click on the blue squuare... things are really acting weird

  8. I don't see any pictures in the link you provided. It must be the server issue.

  9. I see the picture in "snap" and it appears if I click on the empty rectangle where the image should be.

  10. I see the picture in snap also but when I click it I the 404 error
    as well when I click I the blank space I get the same error 404
    file not found.

  11. ...and it's not specific to this particular image, it's happened a few times... that's why I say the link 'degrades'. I'm not attempting to correct this in this instance... hoping to get a resolution to the occurring problem... I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything right.

    In fact... I'm looking in the 'media library' and this image has disappeared along with the 'crow' image... I'd love to know what's happening!


  12. @stevedeer, you provided a link to but the image referenced in that post is for a different blog This could have happened if you started your blog at and then did an export/import to move the posts, pages, and comments to Since the blog has been deleted, references to image files uploaded to that blog will not work any more.

    Note that you were probably seeing the images continue to work for a while even after you deleted the blog because the images were cached.

  13. designsimply

    that's it... many thanks thanks for your time and effort... I'll resubmit the missing files


    steve deer

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