Links do not appear on page. Totally blank.

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    I am unable to link URLs in my blog. Visual doesn’t even allow me to click the ‘link’ feature, so I must do so in HTML. Even then, the page loads with a blank where the link should appear.

    Thank you.

    I am using Firefox as my browser.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s because you’re not typing anything in the post editor: first you type the text that should act as the link, highlight it, then you click the Link button and paste the URL.



    Ok, justpi, allow me to demostrate what I am doing and you can direct me properly.

    Here is my draft, notice this ‘link’ feature isn’t working:

    So, I go to ‘HTML’ version and copy the link and give it a title, like I do here:

    Here you can see the ‘href’ indicated within the HTML text of my page:

    And the end result is present here, with NO link shown:

    Any suggestions? Thank you.



    The chain link icon does not become activated until after you actually run your mouse over the text to you want to link to and select it.



    I had already given you the right suggestion: you must first type “Who Destroyed the Middle Class” in the edit box, then highlight it, then click the Link tool and paste the URL.

    The title field/attribute isn’t the text that should show up and act as the link, it’s optional extra info that pops up when you hover over a link.



    The highlighting worked!!! You are my hero justpi & timethief. Thanks to both of you.

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