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LINKS don't work after domain was transfered to new host

  1. I have my domain hosted on that was credited with WordPress. Unfortunately, when I moved to over, all of my secondary pages no longer link. In other words, on a home page, I click on a link like "rates" and the link is dead and cannot be found. I note in the admin portion of the site, that all pages are listed, so I have to assume that it's just the links that are not working. How do I relink and existing page back to the source text link?
    Blog url:

  2. You need to get all support for your install from the support forum at this link >

  3. I get nowhere with the support forums. I'm willing to pay a WordPress "Happiness Pro" to guide me through the process, but even the links to purchase in their store are not working.

  4. Store links appear only in free hosted blogs. They do not appear in installs because and are completely separate.

    The Happiness Engineers who work for have a backlog that's pages long. There is no hand holding support at the support forums like there is here and we do not provide support on these forums for any issues with installs at all. I made another suggestion in your other thread with regard to getting help >

  5. Looking at the link now, thanks for your help.

  6. GoDaddy solved my WordPress issue for me. Had to do with the permalinks needing to be reset.

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