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Links from a Page?

  1. I want to post an image on a page (not the main part of the blog) that when clicked on links to another site. How do I do this? It doesn't seem possible to insert a widget.

  2. Use HTML:

    Or just use the same way you would for a post using the wordpress visual editor which is described in this FAQ:

  3. I'm afraid I'm an idiot when it comes to HTML. I really don't understand those instructions. This is the page I want my image to link to:

    I've tried adding the link in the text/image editor, but no matter how many times I try to get the image to link - inserting the above address - it always reverts to the address of the page where I have the image, and not the page I want to link to.

    I hope that makes sense.

  4. Put the image in just like normal. Then click on it, then hit the LINK icon. Put the URL of the destination page in, the beatlelinks one, and hit Update. Then publish it. That's how I do it.

  5. That is also what I'm doing. And every time I go to that page and click the image, it just links to that page, and not the one I want. It just keeps reverting, for some reason. Really frustrating.

  6. Wait.

    When you put the image in, are you hitting Link To Page? Delete the image, then put it in using LINK TO NONE. Then you add the link. What's happening is probably the original Link To Page is outranking the other link.

  7. I've also tried just posting the link, and even though I do the usual thing with the 'insert/edit link', it also reverts to just linking to that page, and not the address that I put in the link.

    i.e. This is the page I've put the link on:

    This is the page I want to link to:

    No matter how many times I insert the above address in 'insert/edit link', when I go to test it, it only links to the page it's already on (the 6plu3 one).

    This is not on the main part of the blog, this is on a Page.

  8. When you put the image in, are you hitting Link To Page, or Link To None?

  9. Originally I was clicking 'link to page', thinking that meant to link to a page of your choice. Then I took your advice and selected 'link to none. It has exactly the same effect. I deleted the image and re-uploaded it, but it still will not link to any page other than the one it is already on.

  10. Well, I'm out of ideas. I'll post the relevant code here in case someone with a more technical POV can see something:

    <div class='snap_preview'><p>Fabulous Sound Lab - Swedish Radio Show<br />
    Purple Chick - Magical Mystery Year<br />
    Lazy Tortoise - 25 April 1964 To 26 April 1964<br />
    Lazy Tortoise - 27 April 1964 to 30 May 1964<br />
    Lazy Tortoise - Denmark & The Netherlands 3 June - 6 June 1964<br />
    Lazy Tortoise - 7 June To 10 June 1964 Hong Kong</p>
    <p>Plus more from the Purple Chick Deluxe series, and more Lazy Tortoise titles.</p>
    <p><b>If you use, and enjoy this site, please rate it, and leave a comment on Beatlelinks.  Thanks.</b></p>
    <p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="attachment wp-att-130" title="bllarge1.gif"><img src="" alt="bllarge2.gif" /> </a></p>
    <p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="attachment wp-att-129"><br />
  11. Thanks for your help. It seems to work perfectly from the main blog, but if I create another page and want to link from there it won't work at all. I've seen it working on other blogs though. Could it be the theme I'm using - Binary Moon.

    I really would like to be able to do this.

  12. On Monday, send a Support ticket to staff from your dashboard; it could be a bug in the theme, and they'll want to get fixing it.

  13. I just did that. Thanks. And thanks for trying to help this technologically challenged blogger!

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