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Links in Comments

  1. jumpingpolarbear

    If people post many links in my comments, does that hurt my SEO? Is the problem fixed if use "no follow" relation? And does putting links in my posts also hurt the SEO?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, it doesn't hurt your SEO unless they are spam comments, which Google tracks. You don't have any choice: at, all comment links are nofollow no matter what. Putting links in your post doesn't hurt your SEO again, as long as they're real links and not spam.

  3. Short answer: yes. I set my blog to allow only one URL in any comment. I also moderate all comments and I'm ruthless when it comes to anything any smart ass SEO gamer thinks they can post to my blog in a comment. I delete comments every day that are full of self promotional links with impunity.

  4. @raincoaster
    We have some young SEO gamers that have blogs I am reporting. I guess you haven't run into them yet.

  5. jumpingpolarbear

    Okay thanks for the feedback. Cause when I looked at the code in some links, some say rel = no follow and others don't have it. Even though they are not spam. But if it is automatic that is great :)

  6. @tt no, I haven't. If they're hosted here, I'd hunt them down and report them as spam.

    @jpb interesting. I haven't seen any way to make links in comments Follow links, although the links in the Recent Comments widget to the blogs of the commeters ARE Follow links, or were last time I saw.

  7. jumpingpolarbear

    Timetief: If there is a no follow relation, it will not hurt at all?

  8. As raincoaster said links in comments here at are no-follow links.

  9. jumpingpolarbear

    Okay. Thanks again. Guess it is resolved then :) I don't know anything about it. I just got confused because some of the codes had rel=nofollow in them while others had not.

  10. Not to worry.

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