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Links in Enterprise posts

  1. I used this bit of code to make all the links in my posts bold instead of the bright cyan that I don't like:

    #content-left a {

    However, it also makes all the other links (headlines, tags, categories, author name, etc.) bold, which I'd prefer not to do. Could someone tell me how to limit the bolding just to links within the text of the posts? I don't want to make the whole blog look "heavier." I just want to make the links within the posts a little more obvious to the reader without resorting to a bright color.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi There!

    Sorry I can not help you because I don't know CSS well enough but I am bumping this thread for it might make it a chance that our few CSS Guru Volunteers come across this thread since it got buried...


  3. Replace that with the code below and it should work:

    #content-left .snap_preview a {font-weight:bold;}

  4. Perfect! It did exactly what I wanted. Thanks!

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