Links in my sidebar have vanished

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    forgot to refresh:
    my post was directed to panos re the home link…



    All my links have gone, too.


    @lancingprep, theme designers will not provide any support for wordpress.COM adapted themes because they have been modified. Once wordpress.COM adapts a theme, the theme designers are out of the picture and wordpress.COM has to provide the support for users at .COM.

    @panos, not seeing the home page widget yet, but as you suggest, they have to go theme by theme. We might have a week of bumpy rides, but from what I’m seeing the ride will be worth it with the changes.



    Go to appearance > widgets, if the links widget shows in your sidebar, click the right end of the blue bar and then click “remove.” After that change has saved, then drag the links widget back over and into the sidebar, waiting for the grey outline box to appear, then release the mouse button. After it saves, you can reposition it if necessary, and then go look at your blog and it should be there for you.


    I tryed to do what you sed but my blogroll widget, and the other link widget I set there are vanished , totaly .I don’t find them eniwhere,alltough they are in my dashboard as visible, if I waith an do nothig tey will apear again ? What do you advise me to do?
    please help me!


    @tess & tsp: Yes, it’s only in some themes. Check Chaos Theory, for instance.



    All my links have disappeared from the sidebar… :(
    I removed the widget twice, then I dragged it back and nothing happend …(ChaoticSoul Theme)


    For the time being, run your site’s url on Google and get all your data from the cache and save it until this is all resolved.



    All my links are gone. Has someone found a fix yet? Using Misty Look. Thank you



    Yeah, my links disappeared, as well…then when I go into widgets to do the ragimarolle listed above, it’s like the widget page is not active, in other words I can’t select any of them thar widgets and do dooodley squat with them, if you dig…what to do???



    ah, nevermind, I made it work


    I had this happen with ChoaticSoul, re-adding the link widget on the wiget page restored them as they had been previously.


    Same with me. I also use ChaoticSoul and mine just all vanished…. :(



    My links were restored by re-adding them. Somehow the links widget slipped out of the list of stuff I added, so once I re-added it, all was good. It was just a bit of a shock to see them vanish like that!


    Staff is updating widgets and some other stuff so that is why it disappeared.



    @thesacredpath: Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know that!

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