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    i am new around and i was wondering how to create a link from one of my images to one post of mine such that when others click the image, they will enter that one post and will also be able to comment as well on the post.i really need all the help i can get!THANKS!



    Use the following code:-

    <a href="url of the post you want to link to"><img src="source url of the image"></a>

    Also check out the following link.



    What you do is, while you’re making the post, you click on the image that you’ve put in. That selects it (you can see the little boxes on each corner and along each side). Then you click on the LINK icon, the one that looks like a chain link. Then you put in the URL of the post that you want to link to. I will give you an example:
    This is my post:
    I wanted to link the image to the post I got it from, so if you click on it, the image links to:

    You can choose whether to have it open in a NEW window, or whether to have it open in the window they are currently looking at. I’d suggest the former, so they have both windows open.


    thanks!how about linking the image to a post that i am going to write and not a ready made post from elsewhere?



    Can’t be done unless the post is made and already auto-posted. Then you can just go to VIEW and get the URL to use. It won’t work, however, until that post is published. It’ll go to a 404 error page in the meantime.


    Alright!THANKS for the help!!



    You’re welcome!

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