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Links in non-ordered list are not working

  1. I have a very simple unordered list where I can clearly see the url where one of the links should go. I've never used lists before so maybe I did something wrong. But for the urls to not work just b/c I am using a list, doesn't make sense at all. Is there a tip or trick that I should know before attempting any more pages designed like this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can you move them out of the ordered list and see if the links appear? If they do, please drop a note to Support.

  3. Weird, but when I went back to it about 10 minutes later, the link I had written in *was* working! Don't know why it took that long to start behaving itself.

    Finally got listing issues sorted...did some research in documentation and found info like this:

    -also one or two other sources, can't recall where. But after some stumbling around, I got it functioning! Yaay me. No links on the longer list yet, but they should be OK. If not, I will let you know...

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