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    If I put links in my blog, or, even if I want to make diff bits of writing a diff colour, I have this problem:
    if i want to highlight the link e.g. red, then the pointer (mouse) jumps just back to the sentence where I last wrote…I have to save FIRST before i can highlight! and that applies to every paragraph or bit of writing if i want to change colour for a reason…it’s very, very annoying to go to save first…e.g. I had about 14 pictures in a post..and some explaination with each pic and i wanted to make each another colour…or jus other than the default colour…and for each of the 14, i had to save first..14 times!! before i could change the next bit…<SIGH>
    and the same for my links….thanks heaven!!! that the message that used to come up when you change colour, doesn’t come up anymore..that was too so annoying!
    also, I spent 3 hours of my precious time this morning, to REWRITE a post…uploaded pics and the whole works…from the start…just because i wanted to add a link to the post…and suddenly ALL my pictures and writing was all mixed up…that was oh, sooooo frustrating…the only thing i could do, was to delete everything..and start all over again….THREE hours!! i really didn’t do anything unusual, only wanted to add a normal link to another post!! everytime i thought i got it “right”…then it’s been muddled up even more…so, therefore, i deleted all the info in that post..have a look at this post…and you will see what i mean by colour/links…and the amount of time…you can’t imagine that i spent so much time just to get it as it was…and it made me …once again…very negative towards i moved my blog in Nov and it’s the second time i regret moving my blog to WordPress…my old blogger-blog is still there and i just love blogging there without any nonsense! SORRY wordpress!!



    If you are using that post of an example of you “not doing anything unusual” I can’t say I agree. That’s a lot of messing around with the text. Have you considered using an offline blog editor like Blogdesk? They automatically save what you’re doing to your own computer.


    hi Raincoaster…all i wanted to do was to add a link, nothing else…and suddenly the pictures in the top of the post was at the bottom, believe it or not, but after the “social bookmark” link…and the first half of a recipe at the bottom of my post, was at the bottom of the recipe…very very funny! what i mean by “unusual”,,,was that i only wanted to add a link..nothing else…this was really strange…and i can’t explain it, but it frustrated me up to my little toe! I do have blogdesk, but this post was posted a year ago and blogdesk only loads the first couple of posts. —maybe I don’t know blogdesk if it can upload a post from a year ago, then i should use it in future, I must be honest ..i haven’t used blogdesk that much…
    also, even after trying to copy/paste those pics back to where it should be, it was between other pictures and one pic copied itself 3 times, so i ended up with 4 of the same pic on the post…i really don’t know what the devil was trying to work out on my blog this morning…but he surely upset me a lot…;)



    Do you mean you are editing posts from before, rather than making new ones?

    What browser and version are you using?

    Are you trying to change the colour of the LINKS, or just add them?


    Yes, that was a post from about a year ago…and i wanted to add a link from another post to that post…
    Internet explorer 7
    I put my link up and then only on the link itself…e.g. please click HERE …..and then the word “here”….a different colour…you can check that link i put up here…there are a few you can see…i always change the colour of the link where people have to click…and in that post you can see how i change the colour for diff bits of writing…i mean, it’s very boring just blogging in the default colour…;)



    Yes, but it doesn’t fail as much.

    Links in blogs generally ARE a different colour from the background.



    I am confused. You want to change the colour of ONE link to one colour, or all links to same colour?


    (if you are confused, boblets…please go to the link i’ve given and you will see what i mean, I like the links to stand out even more…)Yes, I do like them in red, but this change of colour isn’t the only problem, if i type anything and want to go back to highlight only something to change the colour, let’s forget now about the links as it’s not just with links……then the mouse jumps back to the first word in the first paragraph…from the post, so e.g. if i want to change colour in the middle of par 3…then it jumps back to par 1, line 1, first word!
    it’s really a pain if you want to change a couple of times, then you have to save your work first before it allows you to change it exactly where you want to change it…e.g. in the middle of that particular paragraph or at any point…and it only started today…

    There used to appear a message when you wanted to change colour, now that message doesn’t come up anymore (thanks heaven), but now this jumping back of the pointer…



    What browser and version are you using?



    I have read all your posts and checked out the link. I am sorry, but I still don’t understand what it is that you want. Here is what I think you’re trying to say:

    -you have trouble with editing. Apparently, strange things happen when you try to format text.
    -you want the links to stand out even more that what they do (how?! they’re uppercase, fire engine red and bold).

    If this is not correct, please correct me, and please be succinct.


    hi is not just editing…even in a new post..
    1.when i want to make the text a different colour.
    2. I highlight the text which i want a different colour
    3. the mouse jumps back to line 1, first word( of first paragraph, if i want to change colour isn3rd paragraph)
    4. in order to get the colour changed…i have to save first
    5. then it allows me to change the colour without having the mouse back to the first line of the first paragraph at the first word

    i can’t write it more clearer than this, sorry!
    and it is only when i want to change the colour of any bit of writing…


    Let’s forget about it, i will just continue saving..(unpublished) and maybe use blogdesk to save myself a lot of frustration…


    hi raincoaster…i think i’ve already said…it’s Internet Explorer 7…if that is not a browser and the version… then tell me what is a browser etc….:)



    Ah. Ok, then I’m with you. I should think it has something to do with the browser, as raincoaster is indicating. Update browser, try another browser first, and let us know what happens.
    (I rarely change the colour of the text, so this is a problem I wouldn’t have come across).


    hi boblets..i’m not going to change browser, i have used firefox and don’t like it…i like to stick with what i’m used to work with and it works well for me…thanks for your help…thought it could be solved without changing browsers…why is it that you have to change browsers to suit programs or platforms, i mean, next time i want to use something else, got a problem, asking what browser…firefox,…oh, could you change browser please, it shouldn’t be like that…everything should run smoothly and if there are problems, it should be solved, i mean, programmers are clever people… ;)



    Well -such is life, and that is how computers are and how it is. Programmers are clever people, but they have spec to stick to, and programming is a never-ending compromise.

    I am not suggesting you should switch to firefox for good – I wanted you to try it in firefox (or any other browser except the one you are using) to see if it worked there. If so, it’s a browser problem. If not, then it would be important to notify staff.
    See? It’s called problem determination.

    Update the browser you are using.

    And personally, I’d prefer a browser that worked for the things I wanted to do. Browsers are not really that diffrent – you’d get used to it.

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