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    I have a list of links I copied from notebook and put it in the post. But people cannot click them to go to that site. Do I have to insert link for each link I put in my post? Or what to do?
    Thanks, Smiekeltje



    What is the URL of that blog post? We can answer better when we can see it.



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    Do I have to insert link for each link I put in my post?

    I believe so, yes.


    I think you have this for better view:
    Thans already for the quick reply. And please explain in simple words, I am a newbie in all this.
    Wow, you ARE quick.



    We can;t go to that page, because that’s for the blog administrator only. But by going to your blog I can see the post. Yes, you’ll have to use the Visual editor and make links for every one of those URLs. It’s tedious, but you can rename them as you go and make them look prettier. You just take the URL that’s there and copy it, then highlight the word and click on the Link icon. The popup will appear and you put in the URL and select Open in Same Window or Open in New Window, and put in the name of the link, like the name of the site you’re linking to, then you hit Update. That will make it a live link.


    Thanks for reply, raincoaster. Well, I will have to spend some time on it. Nothing to do.
    Nice week-end.

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