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    I have a mac OSX Intel. When writing a post I would like to put a link to text on another site rather than having to quote the whole text in my post. The toolbar from my write post form does not have the icons but

    b – HTML tag for strong emphasis of text (i.e. bold).
    i – HTML tag for emphasis of text (i.e. italicize).
    b-quote –

    HTML tag to distinguish quoted or cited text.
    del – <del></del> HTML tag to label text considered deleted from a post. Most browsers display as striked through text. (Assigns datetime attribute with offset from GMT (UTC))
    link – HTML tag to create a hyperlink.
    ins – <ins></ins> HTML tag to label text considered inserted into a post. Most browsers display as underlined text. (Assigns datetime attribute with offset from GMT (UTC))
    ul –

      HTML tag will insert an unordered list, or wrap the selected text in same. An unordered list will typically be a bulleted list of items.
      ol –

        HTML tag will insert a numbered list, or wrap the selected text in same. Each item in an ordered list are typically numbered.
        li –

      1. </li
        But when I try to link using the LINK button I only get a window asking for the URL which is then placed in the post in color and looks like a link but doesn’t link. I do not get the link pop up described at

        Is there any way to link in my posts with a mac or am I our of luck?

        Thanks for any help



      I noticed that the rich editor got shut off on my blog a few moments ago (I didn’t do it!) so I’m wondering if maybe it is shut off on yours as well. Check by going to Users and checking your details there. Maybe re-setting this will cure it.



      No that is not it. I just checked again but the reason I don’t have icons is b/c I have mac. I wonder if back tics would work? Thanks for trying, raincoaster



      IMO although I could be wrong this may have more to do with the browser and version of it that you are using than it has to do with your operating system. WordPress works well with Firefox, Opera 9 and IE7 browsers. There are know issues when it comes to Safari and IE6 browsers.

      This forum thread may or may not be of help

      Shutting of the visual rich text editor and using the standard editor may also be of help.



      Just for reference, the poster is looking at the standard editor.

      Before you click the link button, if you use your mouse and highlight the text that you want within the link, it will place the correct HTML code around that text and turn it into a link.

      Hope this helps,



      Dr. Mike, Thanks that worked. In addition to your directions I had to highlight the url and copy it. Then click link. A windo popped up for me to paste the url into it. After saving it two urls appeared in the draft but only one link in the actual preview post.

      One more question. Once the url in saved to my post and works…is it possible to edit the url so that the reader sees “click here” “go here” or “more info” instead of having the url in my post?



      When I asked the question above on renaming links in a separate forum question I got the following answer from Sunburntkamel and it worked beautifully.

      “I think you missed the point of drmike’s answer.

      1) type what you want the link to say (e.g. ‘click here’)
      2) copy the url you want to link to.
      3) select the ‘click here’ text
      4) click the link button, and paste in the url.

      that’ll give you something like

      <a href="">click here</a>

      NOTE: just because i’m using ‘click here’ as an example, that’s not meant to contradict the w3c link. please use descriptive text.

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