Links in posts lead back to my own blog!

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    I just realised that many of the links in my blog posts are not working!

    Instead of linking to the website I though I linked to, they link back to my own blog, and the following text shows up:

    Something has gone wrong, the page you’re looking for can’t be found.

    I have inserted the links with the link tool in edit mode (of course), sometimes in visual, but typically code mode. I have of courses checked the link addresses, and they are correct (would be surprising if they weren’t, as they are inserted using copy-paste).

    I have also tried re-inserting some of them several times, but it did not make any difference.

    Examples: in this post: the first link “Koomurri”, or “gruppens hjemmeside” (a bit down),

    or this post:
    almost all the way to the bottom; “Magpie s├Žson” and “meget hidsig”, just above the picture of a Magpie (black-white crazy bird).

    I have not checked on all links in my blog yet but have the feeling most of them have this problem, as most I checked now have it.

    Why do this problem occur??



    You’re forgetting the ‘http://’ bit in the URL. It has to be in there.

    For example:

    without the ‘http://’, your browser thinks the link belongs to your site.

    Hope this helps,



    Also, there was a period last night where, if you just pasted the URL in without deleting the “http://” that was already there, it gave your URL two, like this: “http://” which didn’t work at all. I think it’s been fixed now.



    No, it was over a long period (most older posts).

    But the problem is solved now!

    I copy-pasted links in using the link tool in code mode and for whatever reason there are no http:// in many of the addresses, instead there is www!

    Plus, if there are both http:// and www in the adress it does not work either.

    So the way to go is to go through all the link code and remove www and insert http:// manually where it is missing…

    Now it seems to work.



    Thank you dr mike I did not see your post before answering…

    Yes that was it.



    Not a problem. I’m just glad we got it worked out for you. :)

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