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links in text widgets

  1. If I add photos in text widget, can I add link through that photos? I mean we can add link to some text. eg. If I write "my blog" and link to it then whenver someone click on "my blob" it opens in new link. similartly can we add link to photos? so if some photos are added and if we click on them a new link will open?

  2. I have another question also. How to align the picture at center and how to add borders to it? (offcourse in text widget)

  3. links work fine in text widgets. You can center text or images using the standard html tags: p align="center"

  4. My question on links is a little different. Every time I put in a link, the following text goes to the next line. Take a look at my text widget "Sidebar." What am I doing wrong?

  5. @vivianpaige

    I tried that on a text widget on my blog and it worked out fine. I tried changing into the same theme as you and oddly, I get the same result as you although I don't understand why this particular theme does this.

  6. Another question (would not open another thread for related question):
    Using theme "Contempt 1.0" I try to create a new Link widget using a Text widget (i would divide link IT and OT) but i can't remake the same scheme (css handled) of another widget.
    Trying with < ul >< li > the link take the right scheme but it create a sub table, if i try with only < li > no scheme...
    I would ask if someone know how to do this thing.
    Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance! :)

  7. waitinghere: thanks for the info. Likely is another Regulus bug. I'll send feedback.

  8. Solved.

    To create another widget of link we can't use a text widget, just create a category (with a "category parent" ---> Link) and set it to bookmark you want. It create a new link widget named with the category's name for all categories you add.
    Hope I'm clear!

  9. so what would the code be to add a mailto: link in a text widget (i want to link them to an email address)? (and where could I find a primer in those sort of commands so I wouldn't have to bother you guys later?)

  10. I think this may be what you're looking for

    I have noted that you started another thread as well as this one asking the same question. Please don't do that. TX.

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