Links in the blogroll to open in a new window?

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    Rain, the issue is though for those using text browsers, there’s no way for those links to work as their browser is one window only.



    Rain, Thanks for your comment. You make sense.



    Dr. Mike, I understand you directed your statement to Rain, but I have a questions: Are you saying it is an issue of accessiblilty?



    Its one of the things that gets listed in accessibility guidelines. Also remember that some folks have the opinion of “My browser, my rules” and opening a site in a new window ticks people off with stuff like that.



    so say if i cut and paste my own blog’s url, and if i search it at technorati as just “” would the cut and paste come up?

    hi drmike did you forget to answer me? =(



    Nah, must have missed it.

    It probably would but how many folks are going to search using that method. I know I don’t. At least I don’t think many folks would.



    ok great. thanks drmike!



    Now having said all that, I’ve got to admit that I would rather put off site links as to open into a new browser window. For the longest time, I did this for my own links page until it got messed up. I don’t want to be losing folks either and, since they’re sitting on a page with a long list of outbound sites, I would think that it would be acceptable.

    Grey area anyone? :)



    I’ve been thinking of putting a text widget in above my blogroll, saying “All links will open in a new window.” That will at least let people know.



    Might be helpful.

    ‘All links going to another website will open a new browser window’ maybe?



    OK I am trying to learn all this and have some questions.

    >>Andreas09 theme is what I am using.
    Under blogroll> manage links> question is: do I need to edit each one to get them to open in another screen OR is there an easyway to “mass” update the links to open in another window? (prob not right?)
    Next question, my theme does not have a blgroll widget. It has a links widget. Are these the same thing and if so how do I get the “blogroll” to disappear and just use links widget?

    Also I think I am misunderstanding something. My page has “categories”, left side all good, but on the right side, my links are showing up like categories,(prob because I assigned them to categories and did not realize they would show up like this) then the link below.
    This was not my intention, but may have been inherited when I changed to the Andreas theme. (I am so confused)
    Basically I would like to clean up the right side of my blog to make the links appear in order alpha and am not sure what to do next to fix this.





    Hi Me again, just saw the answer to bulk updating blogroll (who knew that it was called this) at this thread here… so no reply on that part of my question is needed… sorry for the duplication.
    Tnx again




    I’m going to post separate answers to your questions so I can multi-task at work and handle clients too.

    do I need to edit each one to get them to open in another screen?

    (1) Yes. There is no method for bulk deletions or edits. One at a time is what you have to cope with.

    my theme does not have a blgroll widget. It has a links widget. Are these the same thing and if so how do I get the “blogroll” to disappear and just use links widget?

    (2) You enter links into your Blogroll in the manage section of your blog. The links you add to your Blogroll are displayed alphabetically by category when you position your “Links” widget in the sidebar. All links you enter into your blogroll are assigned to categories. If you forget to do this the default category for links is “blogroll”. This will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.

    (3) The theme has been hard-coded. Your categories will always be displayed in alphabetical order with any sub-categories displayed beneath them in alphabetical order as well. You cannot change this later part about subcategories except by configuring the widget not to show hierarchical structure. But this is covered in the information at link I gave you above.

    Basically I would like to clean up the right side of my blog to make the links appear in order alpha and am not sure what to do next to fix this.

    (4) I looked at your blog now and don’t really understand what you want to do in the right hand sidebar. Could you post again on this please?

    Don’t be sorry and don’t worry about being confused. We’re all confused when we start something new and the only way to achieve clarification is to ask for help. Hang in ~ there I like helping and we’ll work this out. :)



    Thanks timetheif, I did read. To make it more accessible to me, I copied and pasted to word you “this”, link, “for my own personal use” so I do not have to look for it on forums. Did this while I was waiting for a response… thanks good article.

    The #2part is still confusing me, so let me repeat to ensure comprehension:
    Dashboard> Blogroll >Manage Blogroll> Blogroll Management
    Here is where I assign “categories”, (which my “categories” appear in alpha order on the left now)to each of the “Links” I add to my page. Yet the “categories”, seem to be repeating on the right side also???? (not sure why and do not want it this way I think)
    (should I just use one categorie for the links?????)

    Here is basically what I want:
    On the left, categories linking to “posts” (it does this now)
    On the right side, just a list of urls (links) to other urls I like. So I want the “headers like my fav things” to disappear and just list the url/links.
    I guess I could put them all under category “Blogroll (default anyhow right?) but then why does this theme have a links widget (that cannot be modified?) and no blogroll widget (default right).

    Maybe its the theme, mostly it’s me reading way too much and becoming confused. I think what I have already is technically correct, but for me visually incorrect. I may need a break (i know I do, lol)and then come back again to retry!!

    PS is there a forum on what each theme can offer/do?



    I’m dealing with your P.S. first.
    There is no forum on what each theme can do or what features it has to offer. According to our forum Moderator drmike, wordpress admin do not wish to have such forums nor do they wish to have a cumulative list of features available. They want bloggers to explore them for themselves. That being said however, engtech has done theme reviews which you can access here
    It will also be of interest to you to note that there are only two 3 column themes available at The other is Andreas 04.

    (1) Adding and/or editing categories and sub-categories
    -> Dashboard -> Manage – Categories -> Categories (add new)

    (2) Adding and /or editing blogroll links
    -> Dashboard -> Blogroll -> Add Link

    … So I want the “headers like my fav things” to disappear and just list the url/links. I guess I could put them all under category “Blogroll (default anyhow right?) …

    (3) Yes is the answer. If you fail to assign a category to a link which you have entered into your blogroll then the default automatically assigned will be “Blogroll”. That means if you edit and remove the categories you have now you will end up with one singele heading saying Blogroll and all the url links will be assigned under it in alphabetical order.

    Please think of the words following three words as being synonyms: blogroll, bookmarks, links.

    (4) While I’m at it I’d like to mention that if you fail to assign a category to a post then the default is “Uncategorized”. And yes, in anticipation of your next question you can change defaults for your posts categories and for your links (aka blogroll and bookmarks) but I hasten to add at this point – do not delete them. To change them -> Dashboard -> Options -> Writing (you are now on the writing options page) where you can make such adjustments followed by clicking “update options” to save.



    OK great…. I guess I picked a theme too hard for me, I dunno
    Thanks for the dashboard “how to” above, I do know and understand “how to” do this.

    No offense, but it does not really answer the above questions BEFORE the PS does it? I will read ALL about the theme from blogsblurt, so for now I guess this is closed.

    Exploring is fine, but help/explanations when needed would be much better.
    Theme forums are not a bad thing if it allows a “noob” answers “to hard to find questions”.

    Trust me I do my share of searching and reading forums but sometimes the answers are harder to come by, especially in plain english, not code speak. Maybe it’s me but I chose wordpress for it accolades none-the-less.

    Thanks for your help though I will keep reading and hopefully figure it all out myself.



    I answered the P.S. first and came back to answer the questions later because I could do the answer to the P.S. quickly in between paying clients.

    I hope you do understand that I am an unpaid volunteer and that I do have to make a living. drmike our Moderator is also an unpaid volunteer like everyone else who works on the forum. :D

    The alternative to working with volunteer bloggers on the forum like this is to send in a feedback and then wait for Mark to get to you. There are now 500 thousand blogs.

    If you have suggestions you would like to make on the way wordpress is run there is a feedback button on the top right hand corner of every blog page that you can use to send your messages to admin directly.

    Hopefully you’ll come back and read the answers I provided above in points 1-4. Happy blogging. :)



    TT…. thanks
    I completely appreciate all the answers, helpfull hints, and useful info found on these pages even if it takes days or weeks to find it.
    I did not realize that you were “coming back” to complete your answers (as much my fault as is yours, for not stating that)
    Again, thank you for your help I DO APPRECIATE IT!!! and will now read your answers to 1-4.
    Happy Helping



    You’re welcome. :D



    Add target=”_blank” into the link. For example:

    drmike’s blog

    Hope this helps,

    I guess I missed this when you posted it. I’m thinking of doing this with a site, who sends me weird emails, because they always have new Britney pictures and anything Britney Spears lately is getting me an insane amount of hits. We can link to their site but we can’t use any pics unless we hand them over our first born. THANKS!

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