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Links in the text-widget?

  1. How can i get a link in a text widget? And how do I make a profile-page for the registered users of my blog, and myself?(I mean, I filled out the biography when editing my profile, but where does it show?) I want the names of the members in the text widget to have a link to their individual profile page!



  2. It's regular HTML for the text widget.

    <a href='URL'>Text</a>

    The biography output is theme specific. When you write a Page at Dashboard -> Write -> Page, look for the Page Templates tab along the right hand side to see if there's one included for that theme.

    If there isn't, you can create a Profile Page manually.

    Hope this helps,

  3. But how do I create a (reasonably good looking) profile page manually?

  4. there's always this one:

    otherwise, you can just write a page, just like you would any blog post.

  5. WHOA! When did we get those and where did they come from? First I've seen of those.

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