Links keep disappearing during editing

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    New problem seems to have cropped up all of a sudden. During editing, cutting and pasting or moving text from within blog or from one blog to another, or from email account to blog, html links disappear, and images cannot be copied from email account anymore. This is distressing since I have always stored a lot of writing and drafts on my email accounts, and then shifted them over to the blog. Any idea why this is happening all of a sudden after years of usage? I have used wordpress for years now and have loved it. First real hitch, but it is a major one for me. I also can’t seem to edit and move anything around in my posts/pages without losing the links and sometimes more. Any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    I recently had links disappear too! I click on the link button, add the address, and save. When I go to preview the post the link is not there.


    I sure hope it’s just a bug that can be fixed and not a permanent problem.



    Me too!

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