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Links keep pointing me to signup page

  1. All links on my newly made blog ( point me to the following:

    My other blogs, set up at an earlier time, are unaffected.

    Reading other bloggers' comments, I can see that this is now a very common issue and has been affecting people for upwards of 12 hours.

    WordPress: can we press you into giving us some word on this?! Your silence is disconcerting…

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am having issues with adding links to my blog too, and i am such a novice that I know very little. Just a thought though: Is your blog on a private setting? Its been y experience that if bloggers can't see your blog they can't help you with it...idk just a guess from a fellow teacher :)

  3. Also

    For anyone else having problems, please only post in that thread so that we can concentrate the sites with problems there. TIA

  4. I'm sorry, please use this thread instead of the one I linked to above.

  5. i am the same, i await resolution ....

  6. My links point to signup page, too. This is at the very top: Invalid activation key. This has been happening since 7/17 at 3PM. Please help or give an idea of how long this will take to fix.

  7. If you haven't seen the thread I linked to above, please read it. Staff are aware of the problem and will post in that thread when the issue is resolved.

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