Links Malfunctioning. Please help.

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    So I have been trying to place a link in my page ‘Photography’ and ‘Contact’. In my photography page, I write this in the HTML window:

    Please see my Flickr account for my portfolio.

    It shows up on my actual page, but when I click on “Flickr” it sends me to this site:

    I don’t understand why it combines my wordpress site with my flickr site.

    In my Contact page:

    Doesn’t even show up at all! I don’t know how to fix this. Please help

    The blog I need help with is



    1) That’s because you have omitted the http part of the URL. You’ve pasted this:
    instead of this:

    2) That’s because you haven’t typed anything that would work as a link. You should type “LinkedIn”, select it, click the link button, paste the URL etc. (You’ve only added “LinkedIn” as the title of the link: the title of a link isn’t the visible/clickable text, it’s the info that shows up when you hover over the link.)


    THANK YOU!!!! I completely missed that!! It’s been driving me crazy! Thanks!!! :D



    You’re welcome. (Sorry for the mistake above – I pasted the same thing twice, but you got the point!)

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