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    When I add links I get that question about “target” and there is an option for same page/tab vs. new page/tab. I always choose the “new” option. But sometimes it is “new tab” and sometimes it is “new page.” Why does one or the other come up? The reason I wonder is that in general my preference is “new tab” but if I’m only offered “new page” is there any way to get there?

    I use Coraline, if that’s important to know.

    The blog I need help with is


    It’s new window or new tab, and it’s the same command (target_blank): which one of the two will happen depends on each visitor’s browser preferences.



    Oh right–thanks–yes, new window v. new tab. Sorry about that.

    Cna I check that I understand your answer? You’re saying that whatever choice I make, if I choose the “new” option, how it shows up to a reader will depend on their settings, not the difference in what I see. So that they might have a preference for “new tab” and all will show up in new tabs? What puzzles me is that when I’m putting the links in the options on the drop down box vary–sometimes it offers me “new window,” sometimes it offers me “new tab.” But it sounds like that distinction doesn’t matter. Is that correct?



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