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Links not appearing

  1. texaslonestarreader

    I created a link category and added a link to that category. However, it does not appear on my home page. What am I missing? is my blog. Thanks for your help.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Links you enter into your dashboard Links section are displayed in a sidebar or footer area in a Links widget.

  3. In other words, you need to go to Appearance > Widgets and drag a Links widget to Sidebar.
    Read this before you get surprised by the result:

  4. texaslonestarreader

    I have created the category, I have created a link, I moved the widget from the left hand side to the right hand side on the Widget page. But neither do Blogroll or my category appear on my blog page.

    I'll reread the instructions.


  5. Are you talking about or not? If yes, you haven't added any widget to your sidebar.

  6. texaslonestarreader

    Yes, at least, I've tried. But the links won't appear.

  7. The sourcecode of your page shows that no widget has been added by you: the theme is displaying its default set of sidebar items.
    Please go here again:
    Are you seeing the Links widget inside the "Sidebar Widget Area" module?

  8. texaslonestarreader

    I've tried, but on the right side of the screen is

    Primary Widget Area
    Secondary Widget Area
    First Footer Widget Area
    Second Footer Widget Area
    Third Footer Widget Area
    Fourth Footer Widget Area

    I move the Links Widget from the left side to one of these, but nothing appears.

    Where is the "Links widget inside the "Sidebar Widget Area" module?" that you refer to?


  9. In Chateau it should be:
    Sidebar Widget Area
    Upper Footer Widget Area
    First Footer Widget Area
    Second Footer Widget Area
    Third Footer Widget Area
    Fourth Footer Widget Area

    What you're describing sounds like Twenty Ten, so you're probably on the dashboard of a different blog.

  10. texaslonestarreader

    I'm confused. I'm using Chateau and what you just listed is exactly what I listed. What you listed is what I described? What do you think I listed? Where do you put links?

  11. "what you just listed is exactly what I listed".
    Is it? The first two items you listed are Primary and Secondary, the first two items I listed are Sidebar and Upper Footer.
    As I said, what you listed are the widget areas of Twenty Ten, not Chateau. Make sure you visit the dashboard of the Chateau blog.

  12. texaslonestarreader

    I swear on a stack of Bible I am using Chateau. I rechecked.

  13. Twenty Eleven theme >
    Wu Wir theme >
    Chateau theme >

    Which blog is it that you are referring to?

  14. "Wu Wir" was meant to be "Wu Wei"

  15. texaslonestarreader

    Twenty Eleven theme >
    Wu Wei theme >

    I didn't know I was using these. I'm working on Chateau. Would the others be easier? The only other theme I knew I was using was Pilcrow, and I switched to Chateau because I was having so much trouble and wanted to start all over.

    Maybe somebody is changing things without my knowledge. Actually, I would love for someone to do this for me because I'm experiencing little more than failures.

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