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Links not appearing: Cutline theme

  1. Hello!

    My blog is hosted at I switched my theme to Cutline (one of the choices under "Presentation" on WordPress), and though I really like the theme, I noticed any hyperlinked text - which shows up fine on the main page - has lost its formatting in the archived version of the post.

    I tried a couple sample posts that utilized embedded graphics and the same thing happened: the graphics appeared fine on the main page, but had been removed from the archived version of the same post.

    Any idea if there is some way I can resolve this issue with certain settings? Or is this a glitch with the theme?


  2. And an example of this would be?...

  3. My WordPress-hosted blog is linked from my username in my post. Since all the posts I have blogged are affected, I didn't think to post a link to a specific example.

    I think I realized the problem, though. I'm guessing the author of the theme has it set up to strip formatting (i.e. images, bold type, links, etc.) in archived posts. This obviously makes for faster loading for those exploring categories with a large number of posts, but doesn't really benefit a blogger who uses external links in every post.

    I guess the solution is to choose a theme where formatting is left intact in all versions of a post.

  4. Still would like to have had an example of this though. That way we can make sure we're all looking at the same thing. :)

    Read this and see if it helps. If not, I can expand a bit this afternoon.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Cool. Thanks. :)

    Read the post I link to. The theme designer is using the the_content function on the front page to display the material but is using the_excerpt function on the other pages. Honest answer - most theme designers do it that way. Increases click though and all that. You may have noted that pictures will only show up when you click through to an article on some themes as well. That's why.

    Hope this helps,

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