Links not inseting properly using dashboard

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    You can give the image a title when you upload it but that is the only way, such as renaming a photo “Me on holiday see page 4 for all pics” then uploading it to wordpress. That is one possible workaround. then viewers could go to that page and see all pics


    I see you have named a photo atheletics, just edit the title to include the page or address you want to backlink to, Its not perfect but the only solution I can see at the moment, such as “Atheletics see more on



    @thesacredpath – Ahaa! OK, I just thought you could, simply because when editing the gallery, the image settings allude to that option with the following instruction… “Enter a link URL or click above for presets.”


    I just inserted those two images into my test blog without an issue. Of course I was working off the URL rather than uploading and inserting.

    The second image, the logo, is only 252px wide, so stretching it to 700px is going to fuzz it up real bad.


    @tlcfiji, yeah that is kind of confusing. It’s the same window with everything. It would be nice if they would hide that field when you are inserting a gallery.



    @thesacredpath – thanks. I’ll try that.



    @ufohunter – thanks


    No problem hope it works out ok take care …peace


    @ufo, are you inserting from the media library?

    I’m getting really tired since it is 1:30am here in the middle of the Pacific and I’m getting ready to shut down in a little bit.


    No its only urls that are affected but we can discus some other time get some rest bud I will watch this topic and discus it further when you have more time :)


    Alright, I’m shutting down then.


    I have the same problem with Firefox and Chrome, I cannot make links at all in a post but can make a link without a title if I then comment on my own post. I gave up :)


    you can insert manual using the html dashboard like so
    your inserted link/


    a href=””></a


    remember to put a < at the beginning and a > at the end with no spaces like this
    < a href=””>


    < a href=””> > and remove the spaces between < a at the beginning and the / > at the end of the link


    i had to put the spaces in or it would just post the link and not show the code


    Thanks ufohunterorguk :)
    so to confirm
    if I put < a ref =http://
    (without spaces)
    then the website page I want to insert
    followed by a / >
    (all without spaces)
    then I can post a link.


    the above is wrong i have just noticed its like this:
    < a href=””>

    again remove the spaces between < a at the start and a > at the end so they are like this at the end, sorry for the above mistake :)))


    That’s ok I will add the ” at either end now :)
    Why do I have to write it twice? once inside it all then once outside. Puzzled.

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