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Links not inseting properly using dashboard

  1. Alright, I'm shutting down then.

  2. I have the same problem with Firefox and Chrome, I cannot make links at all in a post but can make a link without a title if I then comment on my own post. I gave up :)

  3. ufohunterorguk

    you can insert manual using the html dashboard like so<br /> <a href="your inserted link/">your inserted link/</a>

  4. ufohunterorguk

    a href=""></a

  5. ufohunterorguk

    remember to put a < at the beginning and a > at the end with no spaces like this
    < a href="">

  6. ufohunterorguk

    < a href=""> > and remove the spaces between < a at the beginning and the / > at the end of the link

  7. ufohunterorguk

    i had to put the spaces in or it would just post the link and not show the code

  8. Thanks ufohunterorguk :)
    so to confirm
    if I put < a ref =http://
    (without spaces)
    then the website page I want to insert
    followed by a / >
    (all without spaces)
    then I can post a link.

  9. ufohunterorguk

    the above is wrong i have just noticed its like this:
    < a href="">

    again remove the spaces between < a at the start and a > at the end so they are like this at the end, sorry for the above mistake :)))

  10. That's ok I will add the " at either end now :)
    Why do I have to write it twice? once inside it all then once outside. Puzzled.

  11. ufohunterorguk

    < a href=""> > and remove the spaces between < a at the beginning and the / > at the end of the link

    A good way to see how the code form is to copy a link from a webpage and post into you page using the visual editor and then switch to html. the code will be displayed for you to see but the above it correct. try it out and then test with the preview option :))

  12. ufohunterorguk

    if you dont insert it twice the link will not show, thats the bug im complaining about when using the link button on the dashboard...thats the error!

  13. I have written it all down and will try it out,
    thanks for your help :))

  14. ufohunterorguk

    If you have a email I will send you a copy of the proper code as it should be without any spaces so you can see if you get stuck ok,

  15. ufohunterorguk

    my email is [email redacted]

  16. ufohunterorguk

    my email on the front of my web page ok

  17. ufohunterorguk

    No problem being able to insert links is REALLY important lol

  18. I don't do emails sorry but thanks for helping :)

  19. ufohunterorguk

    No probs :)

  20. A text link always has to have some sort of anchor text. You either type in the link in the post or page editor and the use that as the anchor text, or you type in some workds to use as the anchor text and then "link" that text.

    Procedure for inserting a text link into a post or page.

    1. Highlight the text that you want to be used as the "anchor" text for the link.
    2. Click the "Link" button on the toolbar.
    3. Type or paste in the link
    4. Click "Insert into post" or whatever the button is labeled.

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